A chatting initiative without language barriers

This idea for this MVP is only to create a chat between two users texting in their original languages but the application changes to the target language. For example, in Colombian airport, a foreigner can ask something to a regular person who doesn’t speak the language.

How to Run Chat4all

To use the app you can download directly in your android cellphones. if you want to run this in your web browser, you should have already installed node js and you should install all dependencies that we have in package.json

npm install
ionic serve
  • Using React for our projects can guarantee a better-looking codebase and things done quicker thanks to its reusability philosophy. Learning React was a good experience overall and we won’t doubt to keep looking at it later.
  • Although making the REST API with Django was a painful test-and-trial experience, in the end, it was worth it, making an API that would be easy to understand and navigate through.
  • The use of the Yandex Translate API taught us that sometimes the best alternative can be out of reach, in this case, the paywall behind Google Translate API made us thought that probably we had to implement another idea.

Fullstack developer and sound engineer, learning ML